How to Schedule Kelly Days

How to Schedule Kelly Days

For Organizations who use 'Kelly Days' (Fire Departments), we've built in a way to add those days into a recurring schedule. 

Click on the +Edit when you select an employee to schedule. If you are making this change for an existing employee, make sure you do it on the first day of their rotation on the first shift after a Kelly Day. 

You can then use the drop-down menu to select how and when they get a Kelly Day, which is simply recognized by the system as a day where they do not appear on the schedule. 

Many rules already exist for Kelly days, but if you need a custom rule built, let us know. 

Because the Kelly day has a different use in each system, there is no great way for these days to be tracked universally. You can set up a recurring time off, which will allow you to track and follow the days as well as allowing them to show as time off in the system. You will want to make sure you have a Kelly Day time off type first. If you need guidance on how to create a Kelly Day time off type, you can refer to this article Time Off Codes

Once you set up the initial rotation with the Kelly days included, go to the Time Off Calendar.

From there, you will want to click on the day they would be off on a Kelly Day. Click to add Time Off

Now, choose the employee and fill out the information. Remember to select the repeating pattern that best fits the situation. If you need help figuring out which rotation to use, please contact us. 

Remember, this isn't their normal work rotation-- this is just for their Kelly Days. So if they get a Kelly Day on the Sundays that they work, and they normally work a 24/48 schedule, they would receive a Kelly Day every 21 days. 

Now, you will be able to see that the employee is off on a Kelly Day. 

More info on how to use the Time Off system can be found here.

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