Time Off Accruals

Time Off Accruals

Note: In order to access the Time Off Accruals module, it must be enabled in Admin system settings > Modules. 

Target Solutions scheduling offers a complete Time Off / Accrual Tracking module. This allows the system to track, deduct, and credit Employee Time off hours ( i.e.; Vacation Balances, Sick Leave, Comp Time, etc.) and subtract from the 'bank' anytime an Employee uses them. The system processor runs once a day, at midnight, and will capture any entries (deductions or deposits) that occurred during that day.

Accrual profiles can be set based on # of years of service, and hour credits can be applied based on Pay Periods, Weeks, Months, Days worked, Shifts worked or 'Time for Time' arrangements.

This allows you to link time off accrual profiles to individual Employees. This can be done manually, or by using 'seniority', which counts the employees time of service; and applies accruals to their bank appropriately.

When an employee utilizes time from their bank, the hours are automatically deducted.

Question: Can I set up time-for-time arrangements? 

Yes, of course. You can setup the system to automatically credit time-off hours to employees banks when they work certain work types. An example would be configuring a rule to Accrue 1.5 hours COMP TIME OFF for every 1 hours COMP TIME WORKED. So, when an employee works an hour with the work type 'Comp Time Worked' selected, he will accrue 1.5 hours of 'Comp Time Off' time off type in his bank.

To learn how to setup accruals and more, click here

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