Time Off Requests

Time Off Requests

Note: In order to access the Time Off Requests page, the Time Off Routing/Accruals module must be enabled in System Settings > Modules:

The scheduling system has an advanced Time off / Request module built in. This allows employees to submit time off requests and have supervisors instantly notified of those requests via either a Text (SMS) Message or an Email notification. Supervisors can approve or deny leave requests and have that instantly reflected in the CrewScheduler and Time Off Calendar. Employees will then be instantly notified via Text (SMS) message or email alerting them their leave request has either been approved or denied.

Advance options can be set to limit the amount of employees allowed off each day; set the maximum number of approved requests per calendar year; automatically route requests to certain supervisors depending on the day the leave request is generated and more. Those options are described in more detail in the System Settings section.

To submit a new Time Off Request:

Click TimeOff  > request Time Off. 

From there, a simple form will display allowing you to fill out all pertinent information. When you are finished, press the green Send Time-off Request button and your time off request will be sent.

To view all of your previous and pending Time Off requests: 

Click Time Offs > view my Time Off

From here, you can see all approved requests (Green), Denied requests (Red) and pending (Grey). You can also delete any requests if they are no longer needed. Administrators can learn how to Approve / Deny time off requests in the next section.


There are many configurable options for Time off Requests, and how they should be handled / routed in the system. These options are viewable within the System Settings area, under Admin > Time Off

Request Routing allows you to determine who gets the request once it is submitted by the employee. 

The setting 'Let the user select who should approve request' will allow the employee to pick anyone with the permission 'can approve/deny/delete time off requests'. You can also select the option of notifying an on duty employee from a specific list working a specific assignment. This will notify the admin who is working at the time the request is submitted, not for the time they are asking off. Supervisor/user pairs will override any of these settings and will always notify the employees assigned supervisor. 

The ability to notify a second administrator is an option below the primary notification. With this, you can select a secondary time frame in which admin will be notified of pending time off requests. So if the time off is still not approved by the secondary time frame, a different administrator will be notified and can approve. 

Time off's > Misc gives you the settings for behind the time off process.

Apply Crew Scheduler color-coding to the time off calendar will show the same time off colors as are displayed in the Crew Scheduler. 

Show Multi-day events on the first day on in the time-off calendar will show any event that spans more than one calendar day on the first day only. With this setting off, the time off shows as a long bar across all the days effected. 

Approving users only see time off sent to them restricts who can see pending time off. With this setting on, you will only be able to see any requests that are sent directly to you for approval. With this turned off, you will still only be notified for requests sent to you, but you will be able to see any requests that are also pending approval by another administrator. 

Let users delete their own approved time off will give any user the ability to delete any time off that has already been approved. 

This setting will delete any historical information regarding that time off and may put hours back into the time off banks if used. 

It is recommended that having the associated setting 'only time offs starting in the future' also selected to preserve historical data. 

Let users trade their time off (swap time off) works much like the trade board. Users can trade time off for time off, however they must know the dates they wish to trade, as the system does not allow for open ended trades as it does on the trade board. For more information on swapping time off, click here. 

Deduct time off from users bank upon approving request will automatically remove any accrued hours from the time off bank associated with the time off as soon as the time off is approved. With this setting turned off, any time off will be removed from the time off bank on the day of the request, when the processor runs. 

The accrual processor runs at midnight PST for all of these types of approvals for the previous 24 hours. It is important to remember that an approved time off that spans 2 calendar days may come out of a time off bank in partial sections but will equal the full request at the end of the second day

The system will follow the deduction rules at the time the request is approved. 

Only allow employees to request time off types that they accrue will only make time off types that are within the employee's time off profile requestable. An administrator can put them in on any time off type built into the system.

Self Coverage will allow the employee to find their own replacement for the shift and to automatically put them in. There is no way to require this option at this time. 

Concurrent Time off Rules

Global maximum number of time off means that you can select how many people are able to be off on any given day, regardless of time off type. You can exclude specific codes from that limit. You can also set how many can be off every day per type. So if you allow 10 off total, but only 5 can be off on vacation, 2 on sick leave and 3 on trades, you can set it up as such. 

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