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            Time Off Codes

            Creating time off codes is as simple as creating Work Codes and is just as important to do within your system. 

            To Create Time Off Codes

            First, go to Admin Settings:

            Choose Time Off Types/ Codes: 

            From there, you will be taken to this screen. 

            Work Code: The Work Code is what is attached to the Time-Off Type and is used for payroll exporting purposes.

            Time Buffer to Submit: This buffer is used to exclude people from requesting a certain time-off type up to a certain point. (ie. The cut off to request Time-Off is 1 hour before the start of the shift. If an employee tries to request a specific time-off 30 minutes before shift starts, the request will not go through and the employee will need to contact Admin directly to request that time-off.)

            Exclusion Rule: The Exclusion Rule is used to exclude people from Callbacks within a certain time from using a specific time-off type. (ie. If an employee requests and is approved for time off on Tuesday morning, and a Callback goes out for Monday morning, and the Exclusion Rule is set to 24 hours, that employee will be manually excluded from that Callback.)

            # Limit/ Employee/ Year: This is used to limit the number of requestable Time-Off's an employee gets in one year.  

            Color: The color chosen is indicated on the Crew Scheduler and the employee's Day Planner. 

            Text Color: The Text Color chosen is indicated on the Crew Scheduler and the employee's Day Planner. 

            Subclasses: This indicated the subclasses list within a certain Time-Off Type.

            Requestable: If enabled, an employee can request a Time-Off Type through the 'Request Time-Off' Form. 

            Masked: If enabled, all information will be displayed as [MASKED], unless an employee has the permission to view Masked entries. 

            Export as Hours Worked: If enabled, this Time-Off Type will export as hours worked, instead of hours off, in exported documents.  

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