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            User Permissions & Roles

            You have alot of control over who in your organization can access what in the system.

            The CrewSense platform has a built in user-permission's module that allows you to set user permissions on a per employee basis. You can also create 'roles', with pre-built rules that you can then apply to a user.

            To edit permissions for individual employees, simply hover over Employees then click Add / Edit Employees. Click the blue pencil icon next to the employee's name that you want to set the permissions for.

            Once you have the employees profile open, click the tab labeled Permissions, this will open the following:

            From here, you can simply toggle over the permissions you would like to enable for this employee. Every time you toggle a permission, the setting is saved in real time (ie you do not have to click Save Employee).

            To Setup Permission Roles:

            You can also create generic permission profiles within the platform. To do this, simply hover over Employees, then click Manage Roles. From here, you can edit a pre-existing permission role; Add a New Role; and set the 'Default' role. The default role is the role that will be applied to all new users added into your system.

            To apply a role to a user, go back to the edit user profile (see above); and click on List(s) / Groups / etc; and set the Permission Level to whatever role you'd like this employee to have:

            Once you've selected the role, simply click the green Save button. This role will now override any permission setting the employee had previously applied to them.

            Note: Setting individual permissions within an employee's profile will override the role you have applied to them.

            Updated: 20 Jun 2019 04:00 AM
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