Setting Up a Self Scheduling Assignment

Setting Up a Self Scheduling Assignment

The scheduling system allows for Self Scheduling by employees within the CrewScheduler. This is an excellent feature for organizations that allow their employees to 'Sign up' for open shifts throughout the month. In order to allow self scheduling, it must be enabled on a per assignment basis.

To enable Self Scheduling, click 'Crew Scheduler' > 'Assignments' > 'View / Edit Assignments'

Then, click on the Assignment's blue 'Edit' button to open the options.

From there, click 'Self Scheduling enabled'

You also have the option to require Admin Approval. When checked, the employee will be able to sign up for the assignment; however, they will remain 'pending' until the administrator approves the self signup. To require admin approval, click 'Self-Scheduling requires admin approval'. You will then have 3 options to choose from; no, send to Supervisor(s), or send to selected Admin(s). If you choose the later, you would then type in the names of the admin(s) who can approve the sign ups in the Choose admin(s) box.

When finished click Save.

Now, you will notice that the assignment is setup to allow Self Scheduling.

If you want to limit the self scheduling of a particular assignment to only specific employees, click the 'Change' button. From there you can add specific users to the allowed list of self scheduled enabled employees.

Note: when you create a self scheduling assignment, it will automatically default to 0 users. You will need to click the 'Change' button and tell the system which employees can self schedule in that assignment. 

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