How to Schedule Employees

How to Schedule Employees

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Before you get started scheduling your employee(s), you'll want to make sure you have built out all of your assignments and work codes.

To schedule an employee(s) to an Assignment:

Click on an Open Slot within that assignment:

From there, you will be presented with a popup:

Start with establishing the Recurrence Pattern:

You can schedule the employee within an assignment to repeat based on a set pattern. This is useful if your employees operate on a set schedule. By setting the employees to recur / repeat, it allows you to more easily schedule your personnel on a set pattern and only have to schedule them once. The system will then auto populate the assignments, based on your programmed rotations.

Many different types of rotations have already been pre-programmed in to the system. Including such shifts as: 4/10's, 2-3-2/ 3-2-3, 2 on / 4 off, 1 on 2 off, and many more.

To set the recurrence options when scheduling an employee, first FIND THE FIRST DAY OF THE EMPLOYEES SCHEDULE START OF ROTATION  *(see note below)* and then click on an Open Slot. To continue scheduling the employee, you'll start by typing the name of the employee(s) you want to schedule. As you begin typing, the system will automatically match the entry to employees within your organization. Select the employee you want to schedule. Choose the type of work this employee with be working for this assignment (Regular time, trade time, etc).

If this employee is normally scheduled to a shift that follows a set work pattern, you can chose that pattern by clicking the Recurrence option. In this case, this employee works a 24/48 Fire Department schedule - so we want to select him to repeat on the 1 on / 1 off ("24/48") rotation. Click '+ Edit...' next to the repeat option.

From there, a popup will occur that will allow you to set the recurrence pattern of the employee to whatever you need.

As you can see, many pattern options exist and there are many choices that have already been pre-built. In the unlikely event that your shift pattern is not already in the system, you can create your own Custom Rotation

As mentioned above, there are a few unique options that can be set when scheduling an employee. One of these is the ability to add a 'note' to this employee. By doing this, a yellow notepad icon will appear next to his name in the crew scheduler. This will allow you to then hover over, and view the note for the day.

Finally, you'll click Add User and you'll notice now that the Crew Scheduler has this employee assigned to this assignment, with the correct label, every 3 days.

You can then add the remaining employees to assignments in the very same manner. If the number of employees scheduled is below minimum staffing for the assignment, in this case 3, the numbers will be red in color. Once all 3 positions have been scheduled, they will turn to green and reflect 3/3. 

To Edit an employee that is scheduled on a recurring schedule, you must take into careful consideration what you are attempting to accomplish. When an employee is scheduled on a recurring pattern, the employee becomes a 'record' of that recurrence. This means that any change to that recurrence can cause issues if not done correctly.

If you want to edit a single instance of the occurrence, it is often best to simply click on the employee's name on the day in question, make the change, and then click Save. This will save the changes for that day only, and not effect the rest of the recurring pattern.

If you want to make a more global change to the employee record, you will need to end the recurring pattern on the last day of the 'old' record, and then enter a new separate schedule entry with the new repeating pattern.

You can easily split an employees shift by placing an employee into another assignment, or in the Employees Off Duty section.

For example, if you have an employee scheduled to work 24 hours For example, if you have an employee scheduled to work 24 hours at Engine 1, but they go home sick mid way through their shift. In this case, simply click Employees Off Duty, place them on Sick leave at 8pm to 8am (12 hours) and the employee will automatically be split between his shift and his time off:

Add / Remove Open Slots

In the CrewScheduler, you can select the 'Add Additional' employee for a day, which will not change your minimum staffing levels within the assignment, but will allow you to schedule one-off employee(s) in the assignment for a singe day. Or you can use the 'Add Open Slot' option, which will change your minimum staffing for the assignment moving forward, however you can hover over an added open slot, and click the appearing red "trashcan" icon on the right to remove it.

To use either option click the three black dots in the corner of the assignment and make your selection.

Note: You can schedule more than the minimum number of personnel per assignment. In this case, you could have 4/3 people assigned to this assignment.

**Note: You want to make sure and start the rotation on the normal first day of the employees shift rotation. Example; if an employee works a 48/96 schedule. You'll want to start the rotation on the first day of the 48/96. If not, the employees rotation will be ahead by one day.

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