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            Custom Rotations

            Now, you can create your own custom rotations within CrewSense, without having to wait for programmers to create them for you.

            To create a rotation

            Click on Admin

            Click on CrewScheduler/Calendars. 

            Click on Recurrence Rules

            This page allows you to select which recurrence rules appear when you schedule employees. To start creating your rule, click. 'Add one now'

            The box that appears will allow you to build your rule, with a visual indicator of what you are building. 

            Make sure you give it a custom name, different from any other rotations that you may have so that you can differentiate between the patterns you build. The length of rotation means the total days within the pattern. So in a 20 days cycle, the employee works 5 on/ 5 off/ 6 on/ 4 off before the pattern repeats. Once you pick the length, the boxes will appear for the total days. 
            ******NOTE: Your pattern must start with the days on duty and cannot start with "0 days on". *********

            Clicking on the boxes will signify the days off. Blue is the days on, white are the days off. And the pattern will show on the bottom to verify the pattern

            Click 'save' and you'll have created the pattern!

            To apply the pattern to the schedule

            Click on the open slot on the first day of their rotation. Once you fill out the information, you'll click 'repeating pattern'. Select the pattern you created and save. 

            You can create as many as you need. 
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