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            CallBack Rankings / Rules

            The CrewSense system utilizes pre-determined algorithms for sorting / ranking and re-ranking employees for each and every CallBack that is sent out. The system allows you to no longer depend on spread sheets, flip charts or 3x5 notecards for distributing your overtime and open workshift's in a fair and equitable manner.

            Depending on your organizations needs, you may be using a default ranking ruleset - or a customized solution. If your organization needs an 'outside the box' ruleset implemented, please contact us and we will be glad to implement the changes unique to your organization.

            The premise of the ranking structure in CrewSense is simple. Employees are rotated throughout their list(s) each time a CallBack is originated. Depending on what the employee does (accepts the shift, denies, or doesnt respond) - they will move their position in the 'book' accordingly. Some organizations implement accrual hour rules that dictate employees with the least amount of overtime this calendar year are to be called first; where some simply rotate employees throughout a list depending on their response to CallBacks.

            To view the current list rankings. Simply click CallBacks -> CallBack Rankings -> View Rankings:

            You will then be presented with a table that allows you to view the current rankings for each List. If your organization utilizes and hour accumulation rule, it will also list the hour totals taken into account for the rankings.

            To learn how to Edit these rankings, please click here.

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