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            Advanced Start Up Guide

            Once you have used the quick start-up guide, you'll be able to get your system up and running. This guide is to help you use the more advanced features of the system, ones that can enhance the usage of the program but are not required for day to day use. While these are important, they are not required. 

            The system can track and manage time off accruals within the system, which makes requesting time off streamlined within the system. Accruals can be set up to automatically step up by year and track, meaning you can initially set up everyone's profile and allow the system to do the rest. 
            NOTE: The accrual processor runs at midnight for the previous 24 hours, meaning that any changes made to the previous day will not be captured within the system. So if you come in at 9 am on the second and add in hours for the first, the system will not automatically add any accruals based on those hours. You will have to manually add any accrued hours into the time off banks to account for those changes. 
            2, Personnel Files
            CrewSense is ever expanding our employee resource management options, all of which can be done within the employee profile. From tracking rank changes to any disciplinary actions, we are constantly adding things that are requested by customers. This includes the option to add custom fields so that you can add anything you wish to track, all of which is exportable. The CertTracker allows you to build and track certifications within your organizations.
            The auctions module is designed to allow for automated yearly vacation bidding. This is an ever-optimizing module that will continue to expand. 
            The forms module allows you to create department specific forms that employees can access and submit, which admin users can then see and export as needed. The repository allows you to pull already created forms, then modify them to fit your needs. 
            5. Employee Reports
            The system runs on a 'good information in > good information out' system, meaning that if you properly input all the time into the system, you will be able to pull out everything you need in the way of a report. Reports can be exported and printed as needed. 
            6. Payroll
            While CrewSense is not a payroll software, we realize that payroll and scheduling go hand in hand. CrewSense allows for several different payroll exports as well as custom CSV export creator, which will allow you to set up the export in the exact format you need it in. 
            CrewSense has created an integrated 'assistant' to help you schedule out your day. It will suggest movements, perform CallBacks and make sure that your staffing levels are met using rules and qualifiers to help make sure you get the staffing you need. You can set it to auto-analyze or you can do it manually. While you will still have to manage your system, it allows for less hands-on requirements. 
            That's the majority of the system, simplified. You'll be able to fulfill your staffing and employee management needs with CrewSense!
            Updated: 19 Mar 2019 02:46 AM
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