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            CrewSense Assistant Module - Overview

            The CrewSense Assistant module is a proprietary feature of the system. It allows Organizations to setup rules for scheduling, and then have the system follow those rules exactly as intended.

            The system allows for Organizations to run their daily staffing with an 'assistant' providing guidance and recommendation, taking into account scheduling rules and 'qualifiers' for each assignment in the organization. The CrewSense system will accommodate any size Organization; from 10 employees to 10,000. You can Implement rules based scheduling using qualifiers and minimum staffing levels, and watch in real time as the system analyzes the daily schedule for any deficiencies – moving qualified employees automatically to fill voids, or performing a ‘Call Back’ to fill the open position automatically.

            You can run the Assistant feature at anytime manually, or have it set to automatically analyze future days; the possibilities are endless.

            Getting Started:

            To access the CrewSense Assistant module, click Assistant from the left menu bar:

            From there you will be presented with your 'Dashboard'. The dashboard will list any events that have occurred today, along with recent events along the right side of the screen. To get started setting up the system, you will first want to add 'Qualifiers'. Qualifiers are a way for you to assign specific qualifications to employees, as well as set minimum staffing levels for your assignments. To add / edit the Qualifiers, click the Qualifiers menu button in the left hand panel.

            To add a new qualifier, click + Add Qualifier

            Think of the qualifiers as qualifications needed within the Crew Scheduler assignment. For example, if a Fire Department has an assignment called 'Engine 1', and within that assignment there is a minimum staffing policy in place that says at any given time, Engine 1 must have (2) Firefighters and (1) Captain on board; you would want to create qualifiers in the system called Firefighter and Captain. Then insert names into those qualifiers for employees who meet that criteria (ie. are eligible to work that position).

            Employees can have an unlimited number of qualifiers associated with their name.

            From there, give your Qualifier a name, as well as a short-code, and click Add Qualifier.

            Now you will notice the qualifier appear in the Qualifiers screen. You'll want to now add employees who are eligible to work this Qualifier. Do this by clicking the three dots next to the Qualifier name.

            This will open a popup, where you can add / delete employees from this qualifier and delete the qualifier entirely. To associate users with the qualifier, start typing their name in the 'Select Users' area. You can also globally apply qualifiers to a list of employees, by group, or Specialty Classification. Once you've found the matching results, click + Add Users. They are now saved to this qualifier.

            You can edit the preferential order of Qualifiers per user. This will tell the system to fill openings with users that have the highest rated qualifier specific to that position first. To do this, simply drag and drop the qualifiers; with the highest priority qualifier on the left:

            In the above example, Lindsay has Captain as her highest rated qualifier. This means that she will fill the role of CPT first, prior to filling a role for FF.

            If you need to change the Qualifiers around, (ie. changing Lindsay's qualifiers so that she is scheduled as a FF first before being scheduled as a CPT) you would simply move your mouse above the qualifiers and move them around. 

            Updated 03/2019

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 03:12 AM
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