Using Seniority by Rank for CallBacks

Using Seniority by Rank for CallBacks

CallBacks in an hours based system can have several different tie breakers within the system, which would determine who is awarded the CallBack if the hours are equal. There are several ways you can show date of promotion as the tie breaker. 

Using Date of Hire

If you do not use Date of Hire within the system currently, you can set the employees date of promotion as their date of hire, which will rank them accordingly. This can be considered for agencies who do not use the auction module or who do not use overall, true date of hire anywhere within the CallBack process. 

You can input this date within the employee profile under the Time Off Accruals tab in the profile. To get to their Time Off Accruals profile go to Employees module > add/edit Employees > click on the blue pencil icon next to the correct employee >  Time-Off Accrual. Be sure to click the green Save button when done entering in the Hire Date. 

Using Employee ID

The ability to break a tie using the employee ID already exists within the system. As long as the numbers are created in an alphanumerical order, the system can use this number to create a ranking system within the system. 

The initial creation of this system can sound more difficult than it really is. But it simple and easy to maintain long term.

Your highest ranking person should have the lowest number. We recommend using a three to four digit number for all IDs, to allow for larger groups if necessary. Any Admin level users that may be used within a callback can keep a one or two digit number. 

In this example, we will use a fire department. 

Any Battalion Chief should be given an ID that starts with a 1 (or similar rank)
Duty Chiefs would then start with a 2. 
Captains would start with a 3
Lieutenants start with a 4
Engineers start with a 5
Firefighters would start with a 6. 

You can input any other ranking you made need to, as long as you keep the overall ranking in order. If being a paramedic ranks you differently, you'll need to account for that. 

From there, you can start to rank the employees within that number. Your most senior BC would be 110, then below him would be 111, 112 and so on. As long as the numbers as lowest to highest, the system will rank the employee IDs as such for tie breakers. 

The main takeaway is that as long you can create a ranking system, numerically based, which will break your tie breakers. As long as the most senior person within that rank has the lowest number, they will be shown at the top of the rank. 

The employee ID is kept within the employee profile under the Employee Details tab. To edit  the employee ID go to Employees module > add/edit Employees > click on the blue pencil icon next to the correct employee > Employee details. 

You can also edit employee ID's from the add/edit Employees tab by clicking on the entered ID or red 'Empty' field next to their Username here:

Employee ID's can also be buik uploaded with the initial employee upload, should you need to do so. 

Note: This only works in an HOURS BASED callback system, where you have the option to select tie breakers. This will not work for the traditional Rolodex. 

Note: If you are using the employee ID in your system already because of payroll, you can use custom fields to attach the number within the employee profile, which can then be exported via Custom CSV

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