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            Customizing .CSV export layout & options

            You can customize the layout and ordering of the CSV payroll report. This is useful for generating CSV exports to then import into third party systems. By customizing the column ordering and data, you can get the CrewSense CSV export to match the other system requirements.

            To setup custom CSV export options, click System Settings -> Misc -> Export Settings. You will then be presented with this table:

            From there, you can reorder the columns by simply clicking the + and re-arranging as needed. You can also remove columns all together, change date formats, etc. 

            To add a Custom Employee Field into the CSV export, simply click the + Add button at the bottom:

            Then, select the custom field:

            Note: It goes without saying, that in order to select a custom employee field, you must have custom fields created in your system
            You can also update the exported header values, to tailor them to your exact needs. To do this, simply click the toggle "Show Headers in Export". You can set a custom header name to the right, and then click Save Options.

            When you are done setting the CSV export options, simply click the Green 'Save Options' button in the upper right hand corner.

            Updated: 12 Mar 2019 03:12 AM
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