Notification Module

Notification Module

Note: In order to access Notify, the module must be enabled in System Settings -> Modules:

Another handy feature of the Scheduling system is the ability to quickly send messages to your employees with the Send Notification. The system will send messages rapidly to your employees via their choice of Text (SMS) Message, Alpha Page, Telephone Call, or Email. The system has the ability to send over 100 messages per minute, allowing you to broadcast important information fast and effectively.

To send messages to your employees, click the Notify module in the left-hand navigator menu.

From here, you can see that you have multiple choices available to send Group Notifications. You can:

Send to All Users

- This will send the message to EVERYONE in your system.

Send to Group

- This will send the message to individuals within the selected GROUP, ie. "A Shift" or "Night Shift".

Send to specific List

- This allows you to send a message to only individuals who are a part of the TITLE you select. ie."Captain" or "Firefighter".

Send to specific Users

- This allows you to send a message to a certain individual(s). You can select as many users as you'd like.

Send to On- or Off-Duty Employees

- This will send the message only to employees who are on duty (on the CrewsScheduler) or off duty.

Send via e-mail (or e-mail only)

- Other notification options include the ability to send your message to employees via e-mail only OR to send via e-mail in addition to their communication preference of choice.

Notification Templates
If there are notifications that you send out on a regular basis (i.e., timesheet reminders, training, etc.) you may choose to create a notification template. 

To create a notification template, compose your message in the message field and select the employee(s) you wish to send the notification to. Then, click Save Template As.

Name your template and save. 

You can access and manage your saved templates by clicking the Templates drop-down menu on the top right of your screen:

Messages between the sender and recipient(s) are NOT private. They can be viewed by anyone with the permissions to send notifications. 

Additionally, notifications that have been sent cannot be removed (deleted) from the system. As such, we recommend that the content be kept work-related and professional. 

You can always go back and view the Group Notification History Logs by clicking Notification -> Notification History.

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