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            Work / Time off Type Subclasses

            Along with tracking Work Type and Time Off Type categories and codes for scheduled / off duty employees; you can also track subclasses for more insights and analytics into your workforce scheduling. These sub-classes will export right alongside of the primary Work Type / Time Off Type for payroll exports.

            For example, lets say you have a work type called "Overtime". Now, you have the ability to further break those categories down. You could create a subclass for 'Cover Training', 'Cover Sick', 'Bump Up', etc. The sky is the limit! This allows for much better analytics and tracking of your employees and budgets.

            To access Sub-Classes, simply click Settings -> Work Types (or Time Off) then click the Subclasses button:

            Then, you can add / edit subclasses for the primary Work / Time Off type and you can also select whether you want your subclasses to be required for the primary Work / Time Off type :

            Now, when you go to the CrewScheduler and schedule an employee, you'll notice a new option to track the Sub Class!

            This data will export in the Payroll Summary report, and eventually, be available via our  API and other payroll exports currently offered (.csv .xls, etc).

            Updated: 06 Dec 2019 02:37 AM
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