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            Visual Indicators

            You can create visual indicators in the CrewScheduler to give your employees a visual reference for certain events that span a single, or multiple days.

            This is very useful for displaying things like FLSA Cycles, 'Blackout' Days, and more.

             Example Daily view:

            In the above example, you can see that two Visual Indicators are present. An 'FLSA Cycle' indicator that spans 2/1 - 2/28; and a 'No Vacation' indicator that spans 1/30 - 2/2.

            These indicators will display in the Daily, Weekly and Monthly view - as well as the Time Off / Event Calendar.

            Example Weekly view:

            To add a new Visual Indicator:

            Click the System Settings icon in the top menu bar:

            Then click Crew Scheduler -> Visual Indicators.

            You will see all past Visual Indicators and have the option to + Add a new one.  To add a new one, simply click + Add and then enter the name, start date, end date and select a color for the display. Finally, click Save Options.

            Updated: 16 May 2017 02:18 AM
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