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            Two Factor (2FA) Authentication

            CrewSense now offers Two Factor (2FA) Authentication to all of our current and new customers! Setting it up is simple and requires the end users to turn it on and manage. 

            To Set Up

            Employees log into the system as normal and click Edit Profile

            Employees will then have the option of turning it on, selecting which method they wish to utilize in the process. 

            Once it is turned on, you will be able to select between a text message or Google for your code. You will immediately be required to enter in the code that is sent for verification purposes. 

            It will take up to 30 seconds to get the code. 

            Now, it is set to require a second verification method any time they log out and log back in.

            To log in using 2FA

            First, log in as normal 

            Then, it will prompt you to use the code sent via the chosen method to verify the end user. 

            The user will be required to verify any time they log into the system. Management cannot set this up, nor is there a way to require it within the system. 

            Updated: 15 Oct 2018 04:16 AM
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