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            How to schedule employees on rotating patterns

            Most organizations will want to schedule their employees on repeating patterns. This is very easily accomplished within the CrewSense system.

            In the below example; we will place an employee on a rotating 1 on 2 off rotation, commonly known as a '24/48'.

            We have created an assignment, called Truck 21. This assignment is setup to be 24 hours long, minimum staffing level of 3 and repeats every day. This is a 'round the clock' assignment.

            However, we want to schedule employees into this assignment on a rotating on / off / off rotation, the '24/48' rotation.... 

            To do this, we will click on Open Slot. We will input the employees name, complete the form, and then click the Repeating Pattern option and select 'Repeats every 1 on / 2 off ("24/48").

            We then click Add User.

            Now, you will see the employee scheduled on a 1 on 2 off rotation!

            When scheduling employees on complex rotations, make sure and start the recurrence on the first day of the rotation!

            Updated: 03/2019

            Updated: 21 Mar 2019 02:50 AM
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