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            Trade Ledger

            CrewSense is excited to announce the Trade Ledger! Now, you can see who you owe trades and who owes you trades all in one convenient place!

            The Trade Ledger can be accessed in two ways. 

            Click on the Trade Board > View Trade Ledger

            You can also access it from the View Trade Request screen

            Either of those will take you to the Trade Ledger.

            Here, you will see a total of who you owe hours. You will also see who owes you hours. 

            The 'owed' column will show trades that have been worked by others that you need to pay back. Using the above ledger, you can see that the employee had a trade worked by Eli, but that he has not repaid in the 'earned' column, hence the - 24-hour balance.

            The 'earned' column shows the trades that you have worked for others. So you can see that a '0' in the column means that there are now trades that reflect that you've worked for the person in question. 

            The balance is the difference between the two columns. A positive number means that those hours are owed to you. So in the above ledger, Ray owes this employee 6 hours still, while Eric owes 12. A negative number means that you owe them the hours. So the employee above owes Eli 24 hours for a trade. 

            Clicking on the details icon can show you where the numbers are coming from. 

            You will be able to see which date the trade was worked as well as how many hours are owed. If a trade was done with a known swap date, that will also be displayed, as shown below. 

            Manual adjustments will also be shown if there are any for the employee in question. Clicking on the blue name of the employee will also bring up the details. 

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