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            Trade Board

            Note: In order to access the Trade Board, the module must be enabled in System Settings -> Modules:

            Member to Member trade arrangements can easily be handled within the CrewSense system. This allows for a transparent and well documented swap of work shifts between members. By utilizing the Trade-Board, members can quickly request shift trades / swaps with other members of their organization, and have those trades reflected within the CrewScheduler.
            To initiate a new Trade request, simply click Trade-Board in the left navigation menu, then request Shift Trade.

            From there, a simple form opens up. Fill out all the pertinent information for the trade, and click Send trade Request

            The system will find all matching employees based on your Criteria and notify them via Email of the pending request.
            To accept a Trade Request from another member, simply click Trade-Board in the left hand menu and then View Trade Requests.

            You'll see all pending trades requests on the top. If the trade was initiated by yourself, you can click the Cancel button to cancel the request. If you are one of the eligible members of another employees trade request, you will have the option to Accept Trade. Once a trade has been accepted or the date has passed, it will then move to the Trade Request History section.
            Note -
            Trade Requests that have been accepted by another employee will only show in the CrewScheduler if the system setting 'Reflect Shift Trades in the CrewScheduler' has been checked within the System Settings.

            Depending on the system settings set forth in the System Options, the Trade Board may or may not be available to your organization. Also, complex rule options exist to require admin approval for trades, primary approver positions, and more and are available in the System Settings area.

            Updated: 16 Jun 2017 04:24 AM
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