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            Tracking Holdover Hours

            Sometimes your employees work longer than their normal assignment hours. For example, lets say your shift is scheduled to end at 0700 hours, but a late call comes in and you dont actually end until 0745 hours. The CrewSense system allows you to easily track these overtime hours, which will be included in any exported reports that you may run as well.

            To manually add hold-over overtime hours simply hover your mouse over the name of the employee you'd like to add the overtime hours to. A Clock Icon will appear.

            Click on the Clock Icon, and another window will popup.

            Enter the amount of Overtime Hours (increments of .25), the Overtime type and include a short Note detailing the reason for the overtime. Click the Save Overtime button, and now you will see on the Crew Scheduler that this employee has +.75 OT hours next to his name.

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 03:36 AM
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