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            Timeline View

            The timeline view is a new feature within the platform that allows for a more streamlined staffing process when it comes to the management of already scheduled employees. With far more filtering options than any other view within the scheduler module, the timeline offers an opportunity to see exactly what might be going on with the staffing levels for a variety of date ranges. 
            Remember, this is connected to your live scheduling environment. Any changes made within the timeline will reflect on the CrewScheduler. 
            To access the timeline
            To access the new Timeline feature, click on the button within the CrewScheduler. 

             Or you can click on the CrewScheduler > Timeline. 

            From there, you will automatically be taken to the timeline view. 

            The timeline is a dynamic view, one which can be manipulated using zooming and filtering to show exactly what is needed for scheduling purposes

            To change a scheduler entry
            Existing scheduler entries can be edited and changed from the timeline view. First, click on the employee you wish to change. You'll see the name highlighted in blue.

            If you wish to delete the entry, you can click on the red box next to the name. 

            This prompt will appear. 

            If it is a recurring shift you will be able to select what you wish to do with the schedule entry: delete the single entry for that day, delete that day and all future occurrences, or delete all instances including past dates. Only select to delete all if you have scheduled the employee by mistake.
            We cannot recover an employee's entry once they have been deleted in any way. Be sure you want to remove the entry before you click delete. 

            Double-clicking on the entry will bring up the 'Edit Shift' box. This is if you wish to keep the employee on the same assignment, but alter the information within that assignment.

            You can simply edit the time within here, change the work codes and add subtypes. If you wish to move the employee into time off, you can do so by clicking 'To Time Off'

            Drag and Drop 

            Much like the existing CrewScheduler, the Timeline has an extensive dragging and dropping functionality that allows easy movement between assignments. To move an employee to a new assignment, click on the employee and move them to their new assignment.

            However, unlike the CrewScheduler, the timeline view allows horizontal changes with similar dragging. If you wish to change how long an employee is working, simply click on the entry and drag the edges to one side or the other, as shown below. 

            Any dragging or dropping will prompt a box to confirm your actions and to help prevent accidental movement. 
            Creating a New Scheduler Entry
            To create a new schedule entry, double click on the assignment you want to add an employee into. 

            Updated: 10 Jan 2020 06:44 AM
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