Time Off Requests

            Note: In order to access the Time Off Requests page, the module must be enabled in System Settings -> Modules:

            The CrewSense system has an advanced Time off / Request module built in. This allows employees to submit time off requests and have supervisors instantly notified of those requests via either a Text (SMS) Message or an Email notification. Supervisors can approve or deny leave requests and have that instantly reflected in the Crew Scheduler and Time Off Calendar.
            Employees will then be instantly notified via Text (SMS) message or email alerting them their leave request has either been approved or denied.

            Advance options can be set to limit the amount of employees allowed off each day; set the maximum number of approved requests per calendar year; automatically route requests to certain supervisors depending on the day the leave request is generated and more. Those options are described in more detail in the System Settings section.

            To submit a new Time Off Request, simply click Time-Off and then Request Time Off.

            From there, a simple form will display allowing you to fill out all pertinent information. When you are finished, press the Submit button and your time off request will be sent.

            To view all of your previous, and pending Time Off Requests. Simply click Time off Request and then My Time-off Requests.

            From here, you can see all approved requests (Green), Denied requests (Red) and pending (Grey). You can also delete any requests if they are no longer needed. Administrators can learn how to Approve / Deny time off requests in the next section.


            There are many configurable options for Time off Requests, and how they should be handled / routed in the system. These options are viewable within the System Settings area, under Time Off

            Updated: 13 Mar 2019 02:47 AM
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