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            Time Off / Event Calendar

            Note: In order to access the Time Offs module, the module must be enabled in System Settings -> Modules:

            Along with the CrewScheduler, there is another very useful scheduling option within the CrewSense platform. The Time Off / Event Calendar allows organizations to schedule employees' time off well in advance. It is also useful for employees, allowing a centralized viewing location of the Time Off Calendar - to see who's off, when.

            To access, click 'Time off' in the menu, and then 'Time off Calendar'

            From there, the Time off Calendar will appear.

            The default view is the Month view, however, you can easily change this to a Week or Day view by clicking the buttons in the upper left hand corner. To cycle through the previous and next date ranges, simply click the left and right arrows in the upper right hand corner.

            You'll notice that all approved Time off Requests and Employees Off Duty are automatically placed on the Time off Calendar, and are view-able by all members of your organization. This is useful for other employees to quickly see when there may be a vacancy or available opening to take a day off. You will also see that the Crew Scheduler day colors also carry over as well. You can disable this option under System Settings.

            You can also manually add Time Off's and Recurring Events from within this calendar. To do this, simply click on the date you'd like to place someone as off (or enter an 'event') and a pop up will appear.

            In this case, we'll select Time Off and be presented with a familiar window.

            Simply add your information and click Add Record. Now, we'll notice on March 6, Bob has been placed on Sick Leave. Also, if we return to the Crew Scheduler view, this will automatically appear under the 'Employees Off Duty' section.

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