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            TargetSolutions Scheduling Import

            TargetSolutions and its scheduling platform will contain deeply integrated features that make managing employees easier than ever. 

            Once you have started your trial, you'll be directed to import information directly from TargetSolutions to the scheduling platform. 
            Importing your Users
            This step is important, as it allows the single sign-on and other parts of the integration to work properly. This initial mapping will create your users within the scheduling program. 

            Check the box of any employee you wish to have on the schedule. Each imported user will take up one of the licenses you've paid for. Remember that you can have users that exist within TargetSolutions but not in the scheduling platform. 

            Managing Groups
            Once you set up your users, your TargetSolutions Groups will need to be mapped as well. This set is important, but you can always add more lists, groups, and classifications later on. 

            Within the Scheduling platform, lists are specific to the callback system. While any group of employees can be queried, you can only use the Lists for Callbacks. Rank works best, as most departments hire back their employees based on the rank they hold. 

            Once you have set what each should be, make sure you click 'Initiate Import' 

            From there, you'll be taken to the CrewScheduler, where you can begin to build out your system. 

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