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            Swapping Time Off with Another User

            The CrewSense System allows you to 'swap' time off entries with another user in the system. This works much like the Trade Board, however, this module is designed to allow you to swap a time off entry that you are already approved for with another user.

            Request a Time Off Swap

            Click on Time offs and select Swap My Time Off. You can view other's requests for time off or request your own.

            User Story:

            I already have an approved Vacation entry for December 25th. I've decided that I no longer want this day off, and would rather have October 31st off. However, Sal Scarpa is approved for this day. I am going to initiate a 'time off swap' with him to see if he'll take December 25th off (my day) in exchange for October 31st (his day). Then my admin can approve the trade. 

            Updated 10/2017

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