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            Signup Board

            Along with using CrewSense to do all of your daily scheduling, rostering, and overtime callbacks - you can also use it to post 'sign up' based events. These are events that you post, and let users indicate if they would like to work them on a first come first serve basis.

            To access the Signup Board, simply click 'Crew Scheduling' and then 'view Signup Board' in the left hand menu bar:

            Note: You must have the permission 'Manage Signup Events' to create a new event.

            From there, you will be taken to the Signup board. You can see all events that are currently available / active, as well as create a new event. To create a new signup board entry, click Create New Event in the upper right hand corner:

            You will be presented with a pop up window to enter the event details:

            Enter the title of the event, the Work Type & Subclass (optional) of the event; Start & End Times; # of employees needed for the event; and finally a brief description of the event.

            Once you click the Save button, the event will be created and posted to your employees. Employees will receive an email, alerting them of the event. From there, they can log in and visit the Signup board to indicate their interest. As you can see, the event has now been added to the sign up board:

            To sign up for an event on the Signup Board:

            Once an event has been added to the Signup board, employees can begin signing themselves up. To do this, they simply need to click the 'View' button on the event. This will bring them to the event details page:

            To signup, they simply need to click the green 'Sign Up for this Event' button. Their name will be added to the event! If they need to remove their name from the list, or if an admin user decides they are not qualified / eligible, etc - they can simply click the 'Remove' button.

            Employees who have signed up for events will automatically be placed in the CrewScheduler on the day of the event, under the 'Misc' section. These entries will also reflect in reports / payroll exports.

            Updated: 12 Jan 2018 12:46 AM
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