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            Sharing CrewScheduler Views

            CrewSense 'Shared Views' allow your Organization to create and securely disseminate a unique URL to whoever you choose; giving them secure, real-time, read-only access to your Daily Roster/schedule.

            This is perfect for Mutual Aid partners, separate Divisions, H/R, Dispatch or anyone else who could benefit from seeing your daily roster.

            The CrewSense shared view is 100% safe, secure and encrypted. Meaning only those who possess the URL will be able to view the data. The data is read-only, so no changes or alterations can be made at all. Revoke the data at any time, and invoke settings to determine what exact data is shared.

            The recipient does not need to be a subscriber of CrewSense to access the platform to access a Shared View.

            Not only is this feature great for sharing data with your peers, but also a fantastic way to provide a real-time dashboard of your units & staffing. By using the 'full screen' mode, the shared view could reside on a TV Monitor in your locations, providing continuous real-time updates to your staffing as a 'live dashboard'.  

            To set up external sharing

            Step 1

            Navigate to the CrewScheduler and click More Options > External Sharing

            Step 2

            Select what you would like to share. This is unique to each share URL that you create:

            Click the green 'Get the Link' button to generate the URL. You can now copy this link and distribute to whoever you'd like to have access to your Scheduler! When you are finished, you can close this window by clicking the x in the upper right-hand corner.

            To manage your previous share URL's, click the Manage All Views button on the previous screen. This will open up a popup will all of your previous shares. You can then revoke/delete, view the URL, etc:

            Sample Shared View Display

            Important note

            Only users who have the permission to 'Edit System Settings' can create/edit External Sharing links.

            Updated 11/2017

            Updated: 20 Nov 2017 04:56 AM
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