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            Setting Availability for CallBacks / extra work shifts

            If your Organization has this set up the opposite way (assume employees are always available) please see this article instead

            CrewSense has an 'Availability' module that allows you to set your availability for CallBacks & extra work shifts. Depending on how your Organization has configured their system options, the Availability calendar will either allow you to mark yourself as 'Available' or 'Not Available'. The example below will show you how to set the Availability period.

            Important: If your organization requires you to sign up for availability periods, and you do not - you will not be offered any CallBacks

            To access your availability Calendar, simply click your name in the upper left-hand corner, then 'Set Availability'. This will load your Day Planner.

            From here, you will be presented with a Calendar. If you would like to indicate your availability, simply click on a day and then choose your Availability Period. Enter the start time of the Available Period and the end time. You can also tell the system what assignments you would like to be available for if using the Availability method. This is useful if you only want to accept overtime for specific assignments. You can leave it blank and be available for any assignment; or select specific assignment(s) and even assignment group(s), which would encompass multiple assignments.

            In this example, we will tell the system a period of time that we want to be available for CallBack shifts:

            In the example above, the user has marked themselves as Available from June 17th 0800 hrs to June 18th 0800 hrs, for any overtime that is sent our for Truck 21 or Engine 1 during that time.

            Note: You can indicate Assignment(s) as well as Assignment Group(s), which encompass multiple assignments

            If your organization requires employees to indicate their Availability, instead of Not Available; you can reverse the default settings by going to Admin -> Employees -> Availability and checking 'Require employees to indicate they are available vs not-available' 

            It's important to note that if you require employees to indicate their Availability, they will not be contacted for any CallBack shifts or show as available on the CrewScheduler during the time they have not indicated their availability.

            Updated 08/2019

            Updated: 20 Aug 2019 01:15 AM
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