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            Running Employee Reports

            You can easily run advanced reports on Employees to see historical & analytical data from within the CrewSense system.

            This is a very handy feature for checking employee schedule entries, time offs, CallBack's, Miscellaneous entries and more. You can use these reports to check payroll data, auditing, future planning and more. All reports are easily searchable, sortable and exportable (.xls / .csv)

            To access employee reports, simply click 'Reports' in the left-hand menu bar, and then 'Employee Reports':

            From there, you will be presented with a drop-down where you can select the employee(s) in question to run the report on. Using our unique input selector, you can select Employee(s), Group(s), List(s), Classification(s) or any combination thereof to generate a report. Simply make your selection, and then an options dialog will appear:

            Enter the criteria that you are looking for and then click Apply Filters. The results will be shown:

            The results are also searchable for keywords, names, dates, etc using the search box.

            You can export these reports into an excel or CSV file. We also offer  'Personal History' report, which will show you the dates that the employee showed up on the CrewScheduler and under what work type or code they were under. It will also show where they were assigned, for regular hours. 

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