Roster Map

            Being able to see who is where on a map view has been a highly asked for feature, so we've created it for you! Now, you'll be able to go in and set a station address that will then reflect the current staffing data on a map!

            Setting up your location
            To set your location, first, go into the CrewScheduler > Assignments > Edit Assignments

            From there, you can add the location on to the assignment. As you type, the address with start to fill in. Select the one that matches your location. A map will appear below to verify that the address is correct. 

            You will need to do this for each assignment and don't forget to hit that green save button. 

            To access the roster map

            The Roster Map can be accessed a few different ways. One way is from the Crew Scheduling  menu

            You can also access it from the Crew Scheduler directly.

            Now, you'll have access to the map, showing up to date staffing at the moment the map is loaded. This is not a live map, so if changes are made to the schedule, you'll have to refresh or reload the map to get an updated look at the roster. 

            If you want a map that will update every 5 minutes, our station Dashboards will do just that. Keep an eye out for more information about those in the very near future. 
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