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            Responding to CallBack Opportunities

            There are multiple ways for employees to respond to CallBack's. Each user can set their preference in their own user profile. The options are:

            - Phone Call

            - Text / SMS

            - Pager

            - Mobile App

            Employees will also be notified via Email of any CallBack opportunities, and can accept / deny / respond via the Web application.

            When responded to CallBacks via a Phone Call, the user simply has to follow the in-call prompts.

            When responding to a CallBack via Text / SMS, the user simply has to respond directly back to the message; with the instructions provided. For example, '12345 YES' to accept; where 12345 = the CallBack ID# they are responding to.

            When responding to a CallBack via the Mobile App, the user simply has to select if they want to Accept or Deny the overtime shift from within the app.

            Updated: 16 May 2017 02:33 AM
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