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            Quick Start Guide

            CrewSense can be fully configured in a single afternoon. Using this guide, we will go step by step through the process of creating your unique schedule to have a fully functioning system within a few hours. 

            You can do it individually or in a bulk upload, which will create employee profiles for you. The system will create a password, which employees can use the email associated with their account to reset their password
            Assignments are where you schedule your employees, so you'll want to build these out. You can use assignment groups to create an easy way to see multiple assignments. Add the address into your assignment to allow the roster map to accurately show where your employees are stationed at any given time. You can also use assignment labels as needed. The daily view setup will allow you to configure how you want your assignments to look in the Crew Scheduler. 
            Work codes are essentially the 'pay code' the employee is working under for the day. You can always create more, but before you schedule your employees, you should build a few of these out. 
            CrewSense does not assign users to shifts in the traditional sense. Instead, we rely on repeating patterns to allow you to set specific days on and off on an assignment. You can use compound rotations for employees who move around between assignments and build kelly days into their rotations. You can use assignment labels and employee groups to help identify the different positions held by your employees. 
            Setting up your time off codes is just as easy as setting up your work codes. You will need them when you start applying people towards time off, all of which will appear in the time off section of the Crew Scheduler. 
            Callback lists are the method used to award overtime based on the rules that you build within the system. Callbacks can be responded to on several different platforms and an in-depth 
            CallBack History Logs allows you to track the Callback as it goes out. Callbacks can be set globally as hours based (we have to turn this on), traditional rolodex, or with the candidate method.
            7. Trades
            CrewSense manages trades done through the Trade Board with ease. The Trade Ledger keeps track of trades in an easy place that makes figuring out who 'owes' who simple. 
            That's it! With these all set up, you'll be able to use the system all within a few hours. Once you finish these, head over to the advanced guide to finish setting up your system.

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