Point in Time counts for CrewScheduler

            Point in time staffing counts allow you quickly and efficiently judge daily staffing levels with just a quick glance. Now, there is no more reason to waste time counting assignments & personnel just to find out how many you have scheduled at any given time. With two clicks of a mouse, you can see 24 hours worth of daily staffing levels with ease! Fully staffed periods will be highlighted in green, partially staffed periods on yellow text, and not staffed times in red.

            To access the point in time counts, simply navigate to the CrewScheduler, and click the 'More Options' drop-down, then click the Staffing Counts button:

            That will expand the Point in Time Count window:

            You'll notice the window is laid out in 24 columns (1 for each hour of the day). The CrewScheduler assignments are in the far left column. Each period is then counted and checked against the assignment minimum (set in the Edit Assignment area). If the assignment is at or above the minimum, it will be green. If it is below; it will be in yellow. If it is not-staffed at all, it will be red in color.
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