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            On Call Assignment

            Some customers have an 'On Call' assignment, such as an 'On Call Investigator' or 'On Call Detective'. You can build the assignment to allow for easy recognition of this, while still allowing the individual to be in their normal shift on the scheduler. 

            You will have to have an 'On Call' work type. It will need to look similar this. 

            Since it would not be considered a work shift, you don't want the hours to count towards any global weekly limits. You wouldn't want the hours to count towards their CallBack lists and you would not want to exclude this work type from a callback. It would be up to your organization whether or not you made it tradeable. 

            To create an On Call Assignment

            You will want it to look like the example above. Make sure that it is not a work shift, as having it as one will conflict with places the employee might already be on the schedule. You will still be able to track the hours, if needed, by pulling a report by the work code. You can use the Daily View Setup to set it up as you see fit. It will appear as a daily position, but you can change it to repeat however you need it to. 

            You can see now that the slot has appeared on the scheduler, which can be filled in with any employee as usual. You can put it on a rotation, just like a normal assignment. 

            As you can see, Meghan is on the schedule in both places with no conflicting issues. This is due to the fact that one of the positions is not a work shift. 

            Updated: 15 Jan 2018 05:48 AM
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