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            My Fire Rules - Zoll RMS Integration

            In order to integrate CrewSense with Zoll RMS software; we recommend contacting Myfirerules. They will initiate the integration, and maintain it through their system. 

            "The integration provides:

            -Simple to Configure and Simple to Implement solution
            -Integration between CrewSense “Assignments“ & RescueNet FireRMS “Units / Stations / Battalions / Divisions“
            -Integration of Ranks (indirectly from RescueNet FireRMS)
            -Fully-Automated 15-Minute – Scheduled Data Pull from CrewSenseAPI (on MyFireRules webserver)
            -Fully Automated FTP Fetch of ROS02 Files (from MyFireRules webserver)"

            This setup must be configured manually by 

            For more information:

            Updated: 05 Nov 2019 12:03 AM
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