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            Importing Employees from Spreadsheet

            To speed up the process of adding employees into the system, we allow the ability to import employees from a spreadsheet template.

            To do this, simply click Employees -> Add / Edit Employees. Then click the green Import Users button:

            From there, you will be presented with the import module:

            You can download the template by clicking the Download template file. Please follow the instructions carefully, as they are required in order to ensure the formatting is correct. Once you have the template file ready and saved. Simply drag the file where it says Drop here; and you will begin the import process.

            The next step is to map the columns / field, and then click the save button. Your employees will be imported!

            Note:  You can only import up to the maximum amount of licensed users you have purchased.

            Updated: 18 Aug 2017 07:12 AM
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