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            Forms Module

            The CrewSense system has a powerful integrated Forms system, that allows your organization to create, share and host forms within the system. Things like apparatus check sheets, inventory, exposure control and more can be hosted within the platform securely.

            To access the Forms module, simply click Forms. 

            To add a new form to the system, click Manage Forms.

            From there, you can visit the Public Forms Repository, Manage Form Categories and Add new Form. The public forms repository is a community for users of CrewSense to share forms they've built with other users. You can preview forms, up vote those you like, and finally clone a form into your local system, which you can then alter to your needs. Form categories are nice for organizing your forms. For example, you could create a category called 'Truck Check sheets', and then host all of your truck inventory sheets within that folder.

            Let's add a new form. To do so, click Add New Form.

            Begin building your form. You can add new fields, by clicking on the field on the left side. Once you have your form built the way you want, simply click Save Form.

            Once you've created and saved a form, it will be available for all of your members to access and fill out! Members can access saved forms by clicking the forms button in the menu. It is important to note that only Admin level users can add / edit new forms. End users can view forms and fill them out, but they cannot see other employee submissions, edit forms, etc. Multiple options exist for submitting forms, including emailing a copy to a selected admin, printing a submitted form, exporting form data as .csv, and more.

            For information on exporting form data to create reports, click here.

            Updated 03/2019

            Updated: 20 Mar 2019 06:08 AM
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