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            Force Hire List(s)

            CrewSense offers a great way for you to maintain 'force' or 'mandate' lists within the System.

            This is excellent for Organizations who need a way to keep a detailed record and management of their lists, particularly Fire / EMS and Law Enforcement agencies. The article below will describe how to enable, setup and manage these lists.

            Getting started

            To enable the Force Hire module, you must first enable it in the system settings. Navigate to the system settings area, and then click CallBacks -> Ranking Options, and then Enable Force Hire List module. Finally, click the green Save Options button.

            Step 1

            Once enabled; navigate to the main menu and click CallBack's -> Callback Rankings -> view/edit Custom Force Hire Lists

            Note: Only users who have the permission 'Edit CallBack Rankings' will be able to perform this task

            Step 2

            Click the blue 'Get Started' button; or the 'Add new Force Hire list...' button in the upper right corner:

            Step 3

            First, name your new Force hire list. Then, you can tell the system what employees to add to this list. CrewSense uses an advanced input detection feature that allows you to search keywords. You can add individual employees, entire groups, entire lists, and more. In this example, we will add everyone who is a part of the 'Company officer' CallBack list, as well as one user, 'Brandon Joes':

            Click the green Add new list button to save

            You'll see that we now have one Force Hire list created:

            Step 4

            To edit the ordering; simply click on the Force Hire list. You will be presented with the edit list module. Simply drag and drop names around; or set the ordering manual. That's all there is to it!

            Updated 10/2017

            Updated: 17 Oct 2017 04:36 AM
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