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            Exporting Form Module data to .csv

            All submitted Form data can easily be exported into a .csv file for creating awesome Excel reports. If you are an Excel guru, you should be able to capture all data with CrewSense forms, and then export the data as .csv to have pivot tables, charts, graphs and more in Excel.

            This is useful for tracking training hours, etc, for employees year-end.

            An example would be to create a 'Training Roster' form. Have form fields:

            Total hours
            Training Category

            Then, every time a training is completed - fill out and submit the form with all data entered. All of this will be captured and available for a .csv export. At the end of the year, or whenever you'd want, you could export this data into a .csv file.

            Open that file in Excel, and build awesome Graphs, Pivot Tables, Charts, etc. In a quick glance, you could see how many hours each employee has for each category, etc. The possibilities are endless!

            If you are a real 'code-monkey', you can access all of this data via our RESTful API as well.

            Updated: 13 Mar 2019 02:46 AM
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