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            Employee Groups

            Employee groups are a way you can sort employees. By placing employees into groups, you can easily send notifications, search for the specific groups and see who is in what group, should you choose to have it indicated on the CrewScheduler. 

            You can have as many groups as you need, and employees can be in as many groups as you need them to be in. There is no limit. 

            To edit/ add employee groups. 

            Click on the Employees tab and choose 'manage groups'.

            Since most customers rely on a rotation 'A shift' 'B shift' 'C shift', so these are prebuilt into the system. If you do not use these, they can easily be edited to reflect how you label your shifts. 

            Building these groups and having them indicated on the CrewScheduler is the only way to have these labels 'stick' to the employee globally on the CrewScheduler. 

            Don't forget to save these changes. 

            You will then be able to see these labels on the CrewScheduler, but only if you choose to have it indicated.

            They can be used for whatever you wish, from special classifications to training like Paramedic or HAZMAT.

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