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            Dynamic Callback Wait Times

            Overtime hiring can be dynamic, and now, your Callbacks can be, too. 

            CrewSense is proud to release the latest feature for your callbacks. Now, you can let the system extend the wait time dependant on how far out the start time of the shift is. 

            To Build Dynamic Wait Time

            Go to Admin > Default Form Values > Callbacks

            This is designed to allow you to set how long the wait time will default to, based on how far away the callback is. So, if you allow a long wait period the further out the callback is, this is where you would set this up. It creates a tiered system in which all of your callbacks will follow. 

            Note: Make sure your wait times do not overlap

            To setup

            Start by adding a new tier.

            You can add as many tiers as you need

            You can always change the callback, should you wish to use 'no wait time' or a different, this will just auto-populate the wait time for you to be based on these rules. This will apply whether you use a manual callback to fill a shift or you start the callback from the open slot. 


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