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            CallBack - Term used for our Overtime hiring module. A CallBack is an event that is used to fill open shifts automatically using our proprietary telecommunication and rules system. CallBacks can be initiated manually if need be. 

            ReadyAlert - Our group messaging / alert module. This is used to send blast messages to employees (either all, groups, or individual(s)). You can then watch in real time as they are contacted by SMS, Phone Call or Mobile app and see their responses in real time.

            TradeBoard - The TradeBoard is used when two employees perform a shift trade. An employee initiates a shift trade request, sends it out to select peers - and when another user accepts, it is placed on the CrewScheduler record.

            Time off Trade - Used when an employee wants to trade their time offs. In other words, Joe Smith has Dec 15th off on Vacation. However, he sees Jane Doe has December 31st off, and he would rather have that off. The Time off Trade is used to swap these two time off entries.

            Availability - Employee's place their availability into the system. Based on how your system is configured; they will either place themselves 'Available' or 'Not Available'. If placed available, they will only be offered CallBack shifts that fall during that time. Conversely, if they place themselves 'Not Available', they will not be offered CallBack shifts at all times they are not Not Available.

            List - The List is the CallBack List. This is essentially viewed as a 'binder' of employee names who are eligible for this particular CallBack.

            Associated List - See List above.

            Group - A way to group employees together. Examples: 'A Shift', 'B Shift', 'Days', 'Nights'

            Specialty Classification Filter - Used to further filter down employees. An example would be 'Swift Water Certified'. So, you could have 100 'Firefighters' (list), but only 20 of them are 'Swift Water Certified'. You would tag them with the Swift Water Certified specialty classification filter.

            Filter - See Specialty Classification Filter above

            Push - Mobile app push sent to users of our Mobile iPhone and Android Apps.

            Assignment - Assignment is used in the CrewScheduler. It is a 'placeholder' used to schedule employees into. Examples would be: 'Engine 1', 'Station 3', or '3rd Floor'

            Assignment Group - These are uses to 'group' assignments together for easy viewing. Also used for certain 3rd party integrations. Example: Engine 1 and Medic 1 are part of "Station 1" assignment group.

            Daily View Columns - Used to visually lay out the daily view in the CrewScheduler.

            Pin - The number required to respond to CallBacks by phone. The system auto-sets this number to 0000. The employee is able to edit this from their employee profile. 

            User ID - Unique ID # given by CrewSense to each user

            Employee ID - This is the number assigned within your organization (optional)

            Assistant - The Assistant module used to perform auto hiring, movements, and CallBacks.

            Role - Permission level granted to each user (customizable)
            Updated: 18 Sep 2018 07:47 AM
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