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            Day Colors

            Another useful feature of the Crew Scheduler is the ability to set certain color patterns throughout your calendar. This is useful for organizations that dictate certain work rotations by color, (ie. Fire / EMS Departments. Rotations like "A Shift" "C Shift", etc can easily be colored on a rotating pattern.)

            To set specific colors, hover your mouse over the header of each day in the Crew Scheduler. You will notice a 'gear' icon appear, click on the gear icon.

            From there, you will be presented with a popup form that allows you to indicate the color for that day, among various other options.

            From here, click inside the field next to Set Color. This will open up a color picker that allows you to chose the color you'd like, in this case teal. 

            We've also decided that this color should follow the 24/48 work rotation our Fire Department employees work (see Scheduling Employees), so we've scheduled this color to Repeat on the 1 on / 2 off ("24/48") method. And we also want it to repeat on all past dates, so we've left 'Also set colors for past dates' on. Click Save Color and now you'll notice your crew scheduler has the new color rule.

            In the next section, we'll show you how to actually schedule employees.

            Updated: 10 Jun 2019 09:19 AM
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