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            Dashboard Admin

            The Dashboards are the first stand-alone product from CrewSense that allows you to see your Crew Scheduler in one beautiful space. 

            Log In

            To log into the Dashboard Admin panel, go to

            You will need your log in that you are given by CrewSense. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the main admin page.

            From here, you can see all of the boards associated with your account. You can see the number of alerts that have gone through the system as well as active and feeds, both primary and mirrored feeds. You will see if one of your Dashboards is working or not and if we have sent any messages regarding your Boards. 

            To change individual Dashboards. 

            Click on the name of the Dashboard will allow you to make changes to the specific Dashboards. From there, you can change things like the address, the slogan, the time zone and more. You'll also be able to change how quickly the Dashboard rotates through the pages, which is counted by seconds. When you save, it will make the all of the Dashboards reload. 

            Updated: 10 May 2018 06:59 AM
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