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            CrewSense Assistant - Assignment Rules/Qualifiers

            The rules are where you get into the nitty gritty of the CrewSense Assistant feature. You will notice under the Assistant Module on the Assignment Rules page, a list of all the assignments within the Crew Scheduler.

            Lets pretend we have two assignments, 'Engine 1' and 'Engine 2'. Engine 1 has two Qualifier rules applied to it. Engine 1 requires that at all times (during the duration of the assignment's time) there is to be at least (1) Captain, and (1) Firefighter scheduled in that assignment.

            To add qualifiers to assignments, simply choose the drop down box labeled Add Position that is located in the assignment. You can add as many as you'd like. There is also an option to place Shared Qualifiers in the gray area below the assignment. 

            A Shared Qualifier is a way for you to tell the Assistant module that this Assignment must have someone who is qualified in this position, but it is not necessarily a 'minimum staffing' position. 

            In other words, lets say that you require Engine 1 to have (1) Firefighter and (1) Captain at all times. You would place a Firefighter qualifier and a Captain qualifier in the assignment as described above. But, one of those two people MUST also be a PM (paramedic). 

            You would simply add a PM qualifier in the Shared Qualifier area. That tells the system that of those two main qualified people, one must also be a PM... it doesn't matter who, but one of the employees has to have that shared qualifier.

            Once the shared qualifier has been added under the Assignment Rules Module, you will see that the shared qualifier is now present in the Crew Scheduler. 

            To remove an assignment qualifier or shared qualifier, simply click the X next to it's name.

            Updated 03/2019

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