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            CrewSense Dashboard Custom Content / Pages

            You can now create custom content and additional pages on your CrewSense dashboard using HTML, JavaScript and CSS! This will allow you to place virtual any custom content you want on the dashboards.

            If you know basic HTML, you can create a custom dynamic page to display in the dashboard. Perhaps you want local road cam images, live webcam feeds, embed Google docs, display statistical information, etc. To accomplish this, simply log into your CrewSense Digital Dashboard admin page, and click 'Custom Pages':

            As you can see, there is a built in code editor. Simply give your custom page a name, input the HTML / JS code, and then Apply to Boards. Click Save, and now you have a custom page displayed on your boards!

            Custom Dashboard page pulling in local road cams:

            Updated: 21 Jan 2019 12:38 AM
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