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            Crew Scheduler Notes & Activities

            You can easily add Daily Notes to any day in the Crew Scheduler. This allows you to distribute important reminders, training events, or other useful information to your users. All users have the ability to view the daily notes. The daily notes and activities are also printed in the Daily Roster .pdf export.

            To add a note to a day, simply hover your mouse of the header of the Day and click the appearing note icon.

            Once clicked, a popup will appear that allows you to add notes.

            Once a new note has been added, the note icon will turn yellow in color and be displayed steady on the day for all users to see. The notes will also export in the Daily Roster printout.

            For the daily view; the notes and activities will appear at the top of the day.  You also have the option to to create a re-occurring template that can be used each day. 

            To create a new note / activity or template:

            Hover your mouse over the notepad icon on the daily header and click on it.

            Add your notes and activities as seen below and choose a repeating pattern.  Then click save in the green box below.

            Follow the steps below to either edit notes for the day, edit the repeating template, or delete the template.

            Updated: 26 Mar 2019 02:31 AM
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