Crew Scheduler Assignment Groups

            Some organizations want the ability to Group Crew Scheduler assignments together, and only display those that are pertinent at that time.

            This is very useful if your Organization has 'Divisions' or 'Battalions' for example. You could add certain Crew Scheduler assignments to say, Battalion 1. Then, if you only want to view those 'Battalion 1' assignments; you can quickly filter the view down. Or, if you have 'Day' and 'Night' assignments, you could use this to toggle each.

            To get started, create a few Crew Scheduler groups by click Crew Scheduler ->Assignments -> Assignment Groupings.

            Once you've created the Assignment Group name (and given it a color,) click Crew Scheduler -> Assignments -> Edit Assignments. Then click the Edit button next to an Assignment you want to place within this new group.

            After you've click the Edit button, Check the box next to the group you want it to be apart of (multiple are allowed!) and click Save.

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 03:10 AM
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