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            CertTracker Module

            CrewSense has a built in certification tracking module for tracking employee certifications. This is excellent for attaching user certifications and getting a quick glance into their current status.

            The system will automatically alert both the user and the administrating user (the one who uploaded the certification) near it's expiration. Alerts are made via Text Message, Mobile App alert and Email.

            To access, simply go to the user in question's profile and chose the Certifications tab. 

            You will then be shown the module for this user. Any current or expired certifications attached to this user will be displayed here. To add a new Certification into the system, click + Attach Certification... From there, you will be directed to this pop-up screen, as seen below. 

            From there, chose the +Add button, and then you will be directed to a pop-up where you can create the new certification and Cert ID. 

            Enter the name of the Certification, and the Cert ID. Then click Create Cert. Now, this certification will be available for use for all users. 

            To attach a new Certification to a user, simply click + Attach Certification...

            Select the Certification you'd like to attach to the user. Select the date the Certification was issued, and the expiration date of the Certification.

            You can also upload a copy of the certification as an image file, or .pdf file. This will store the certification securely in your system for later retrieval. 

            If you would like to be reminded prior to the expiration date, simply add the number of days prior you would like to be alerted this is near expiration, and if you would like to be alerted via Email and Text. The system will alert both the employee, as well as you (the user who uploaded the cert).

             Finally, click Attach Cert to save the record. 

            Now you will see this certification logged for the user!

            To retrieve the stored digital version of the uploaded certification, simply click the image icon next to the Name. This will download the stored certification.

            You can quickly edit the dates by clicking the dashed underlines. To remove the certification completely, click the red X.  

            You can Edit existing certifications that you have entered into the system by clicking 'Manage Certifications...'  You can edit the name and delete any preexisting certifications from here.

            Running Certification Reports:

            You can easily run reports on Certifications by accessing the Certification Reports module under Reports.

            If you are looking for a nifty way to track user training hours, etc - we recommend our Forms module. Create a training form with Employee Name, Total Hours and Category / Topic fields. Then, you could simply export the submitted form data to .csv and build really awesome year end Excel reports!
            Here is the article on creating custom forms: 
            Updated: 03/2019

            Updated: 20 Mar 2019 06:18 AM
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